“Empatia” é despertada por conflitos e polarização, e dificilmente funciona com o diferente. Sabe quem é muito empático? Terroristas

“Researchers who study empathy have noticed that it’s actually really hard to do what we were striving for in my generation: empathize with people who are different than you are, much less people you don’t like. But if researchers set up a conflict, people get into automatic empathy overdrive, with their own team. This new research has scrambled notions of how empathy works as a force in the world. For example, we often think of terrorists as shockingly blind to the suffering of innocents. But Breithaupt and other researchers think of them as classic examples of people afflicted with an “excess of empathy. They feel the suffering of their people.””

Outro perigo da empatia é virar um buzzword pra kidults cretinos fingirem que têm qualquer ideia política e cuspirem superioridade moral por aí.